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Elk River High School

Graduation All Night Celebration

June 10, 2016


Volunteer Time 


Parent Volunteers are needed! 

If you are interested in volunteering (before, during or after)

the graduation night event, please feel free to contact us!  

Thank You!

Need More Information?

Contact us at:


Information for graduation night volunteers

VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT – Please make sure that you’ve read the volunteer agreement and signed the signature form.  This must be signed before you may work.  Thank you for understanding the parameters outlined ensuring a safe and enjoyable time for everyone.**

CLOTHING – Please try to wear something with school colors.  Black on bottom is nice with red or white shirt.  Shorts are definitely acceptable.  If dealing in the Casino, white shirts are preferred.  Thank you.

PARKING – When attending the commencement ceremony, please park at Central Lutheran Church across the street from the high school.  This will allow for you to quickly get on your way to the Mermaid after the ceremony.  Central reserves their lot just for the event volunteers so they don’t get congested in the high school parking lot.  Volunteers need to arrive at the Mermaid before the buses.  This should be sometime between 9:30 – 10:00 pm depending on the length of commencement.

CHECK-IN – All volunteers should enter the Mermaid – 2200 Highway 10, Mounds View, MN  55112 – through the Event Center Entrance in the back of the building (behind AmericInn Hotel).

  • Check-in tables will be right inside the door.  Security volunteers, please utilize the Security table.  You will receive a security t-shirt as your uniform.
  • Register by signing in, wear your name tag and report to your assigned area.  If you arrive early, please walk through the Mermaid and peek at all that is available.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the variety of activities for the graduates.

MEDICAL – Should anyone require medical attention, know that a small area is available with qualified personnel.  This is near the volunteer registration tables and the storage bag area on the upper floor.


  • Volunteers / workers may bring in commercial food (Subway, Pizza, etc.).  We will have a hotel room at the complex with snacks/beverages just for parents who need a break.  (Please remember the buffet is for the students.)
  • Please keep a low profile.  Interact with the students but know that all activities/events are for them not us.
  • Some students/parents have signed early release forms.  Should a student ask about how to check out, refer them to the Security table.  Parents must enter and sign them out.  They CAN NOT just walk out.

COMMITTEE CHAIRS – Please contact your Committee Chair or the volunteer chairperson if you have any questions about your duties.

Volunteer Chairperson:  Marily Milless               612-237-0677